fitNshare 1.1

Share your fitness routine and diet tips with the community

We started with an idea that fitness should be fun and social. The idea grew into the world's most inspiring community of people who motivate each other to stay on track, exercise, and lose weight (and take selfies along the way:)

√ Share your workouts from Health Kit and other apps

√ Shoot & edit like a pro with 20+ free tools

√ Shoot your activities in motion with Burst Mode

√ See who’s exercising nearby

√ Browse photos from world’s hottest fitnessistas and bodybuilders

√ Share your progress pics, workout tips and nutrition advice

√ Meet and cheer new friends

√ Challenge yourself to get into top motivators’ and top popular lists

fitNshare makes fitness tracking as easy as taking a selfie.

- Connect the app to Health Kit and fitNshare all your activities in photos.

- Browse our gallery for unlimited fitness inspiration and tag your favorite fitness hotties as motivators.

- Use Burst Mode to make photos come alive in motion.

- Share your fitness routine and diet tips with the community. Now, your turn to collect likes and become someone’s motivation!



fitNshare 1.1